"I spent most of my life struggling with the truth. It wasn't until I truly understood all the power in the human heart that I figured it all out. I've lived what feels like many lives and I'm here to tell you...you are strong, you are beautiful, and you have the power. 

My book SHIFTING POINTS will help you unlock your heart, discover the power of forgiveness, and set you on a path toward freedom."

Michael-Blu lays out his own psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey simply and in a way with which we can all identify. Anyone who reads Shifting Points will experience a person who has the unusual ability to look within and explain clearly a journey that was marked with both suffering and triumph, and depicted with compassion and gratitude. The reader will recognize Michael-Blu as someone with a profound depth of honesty and a disarming willingness for truth. Most importantly each reader will be able to move more clearly toward his or her own Shifting Points and achieve a richer and deeper authentic voice.

From the Forward by

-Lori Williams, Ph.D.

Author of We Are All Doing Life Somewhere

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

A Mini Instructions Manual For Moving Forward From The Heart.

From the Inspirational Viva Glam Magazine "Shifting Points by Michael-Blu" Columnist and Spiritual Inspirationalist, comes a collection of quotes, articles, and personal stories–drawn from the wide range of his writings–that capture his wisdom, courage, and knowledge of the human heart.